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Favorite kids Books right now


First of all, I’d like to add that shifting around my furniture in the house made for a fabulous new book display.  Sometimes deciding to mix it up makes all the difference.  I am still getting my house together since the move and am re-purposing furniture, etc.  Making a bookshelf with book covers facing out made it much more inviting.   I am a firm believer in having a large book collection for the little one with a reading nook!

After redoing the room I found this lovely pink book shelf at Target that would display books so well.  Hmm…not sure how I will incorporate it, but I really like it.

These are our favorites right now for tempting dramatic pleasure and many with an Easter theme, for current holiday stimulus!

Starting with my all time favorite great for boys and girls (even though the page I’m featuring is a girly image)

A House is a House for Me

Definitely in a hardcover.


The illustrations alone captivate me but the idea of finding homes for all animals and even rubber bands is intriguing and clever.  A must read!

Now Fancy Nancy books are a winner!  These are seriously amazing for little girls.  The main character is so feisty and fancy in this wonderfully extravagant way.  It’s a good one for learning new “fancy” words.  I want to get every single one of them, eventually!  The best one for us was the Mermaid Ballet for an obvious reason, the main character got to be a willow tree in the performance…we might just have a thing for Willows.  LOL.

Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet

Fancy Nancy Bonjour, Butterfly

Fancy Nancy



Wynken, Blynken, & Nod this one is great for both boys and girls.  I absolutely love it.  It has gorgeous illustrations and it’s magical!


Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales I love the mermaid story although with littles you have to edit out some stuff! But not with Thumbalina, that was a perfect story for children.  These are great for boys and girls.


Ella Bella Ballerina is a sweet story about Cinderella and ballet!

Ella Bella Ballerina and Cinderella

Ella Bella a Midsummer Nights Dream

Ella Bella Swan lake

Ella Bella Sleeping Beauty


5 Minute Princess Stories are lovely.  It’s fun to have so many other little stories about our princesses to keep the magic alive.  And the 5 minute Princess Stories – Frozen


I know, I know.  I’m always tooting my horn about the Peter Rabbit Collection but I will forever keep it on my bookshelf, that’s how good it is.  This is a good one that is small and affordable.  Anyways, it’s almost Easter so indulging in bunny lore is just spot on.


One year we got a bunch of bunny golden books and they were very sweet.

My Little Golden Book about God

The Golden Egg Book

The Bunny ABCs

The Golden Egg Book was very darling and I love the ornate oval and floral illustrations.


Guess How Much I Love You is a sweet one for the Easter basket.  A sweet tale about how big love is.  Of course, you need to accompany it with some sweet bunny ears!  Like these cute bunny ears  and these bunny ears


The Little Fur Family was given to us as our first baby present from some dear friends of ours.  I will cherish it forever.  It is still a good read even at age 4 and a half.  This is a darling tale with a sweet song at the end.  Great for boys and girls.  I’m just saying generally speaking…I mean boys can enjoy princess stories too.  You know what I mean.


And finally, Twinkle the Tooth Fairy, a charming tale about losing teeth.  Comes with a pouch to keep your teeth in.  Which we have somewhere.  I love anything about fairy balls and glowing suns.  It is very sweet.

I hope this inspires some new reading material for your reading nook.  I know we will be spending countless hours cuddling up in the nook revisiting these heartwarming stories.  One flier at my daughter’s preschool posted about reading awareness and said it was good for preschoolers to follow along with your finger so they can see how language lays out and see the words, to help them identify them later on.  They also recommended that they turn the pages to help get them engaged and to reread the same books all week to help them to memorize them so they can fill in the blank sentences now and again.

We’ve been implementing these practices.  It really helps shift the listening to aspects of starting to read and memorizing them.  Then let them tell the story page by page!

Happy story time

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