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My Little Pony Birthday Party – how to simplify a birthday bash and summertime fun!!!

HELLO…I would love to yell this over a cliff side covered in moss.  I feel so happy to be back on my blog again, frantically typing away.  I have been away for far too long due to family medical issues and it completely depleted all of my energy and inspiration.  Making sure your family is… Continue reading My Little Pony Birthday Party – how to simplify a birthday bash and summertime fun!!!

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Summertime blue

Blueberry picking with my mini Berry picking with my little Willow Bug is in the top five of my favorite things to do together.  We talked all about what it takes to get a blueberry ready for the basket…planting, watering, growing, picking, sorting, washing…it’s a huge process. Since we play grocery store all the time,… Continue reading Summertime blue

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Lately…enjoying simple pleasures!

Let’s get to some simple fun on the central coast of CA, playful ideas, and tips for camping!  Now, most of my readers are not even in the United States, so please take what you can from our daily excursions as inspiration for things that might be near your home.  The point really is to… Continue reading Lately…enjoying simple pleasures!

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DIY Frozen Banana Pops

DIY FROZEN BANANA POPS Ingredients: Bananas Sprinkles Yogurt Chocolate chips Coconut shavings Parchment paper Baking sheets Popsicle sticks How to make them: Peel and cut your bananas in half Layout baking sheets and cover with parchment paper. Chop up your chocolate chips to make little shavings Place your toppings in bowls on the table Poke… Continue reading DIY Frozen Banana Pops

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Disneyland favorites!

It doesn’t take much to get me ecstatic about a vacation if the word DISNEYLAND is in the sentence.  I have been going since I was a little girl and it truly is the happiest place on earth for me and my family.  Luckily, my husband gets the Disneyland glow on his face when we… Continue reading Disneyland favorites!

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Homemade Nummy mac-n-cheese

Nummy yummy!  This is not a gourmet recipe but a basic mac-n-cheese recipe.  However, my daughter eats it more than any other kind she’s had.  It comes out thick and creamy. Ingredients: Shell pasta – whole box 2 C of milk 2-3 tablespoons flour 8 oz. Minimum of mild cheddar cheese, add an extra 1/2… Continue reading Homemade Nummy mac-n-cheese

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Getting Fit – baby steps, my friends!

That’s right…baby steps!  I am one day away from finishing a one month fitness challenge and let me tell you it body rocked me, but made me stronger and hyper aware.  I’m not going to share the recipe that I followed, since that is confidential for the one running the program, however, I will tell… Continue reading Getting Fit – baby steps, my friends!

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Toddler Inspiration. Favorite things we’re loving right now!!!

We are all over the map when it comes to great balls of fun inspiration, but I think we have found some sensory play ideas and some intellectual fun!  Squishies are turning out to be all the rage.  I even love to squish them! My daughter can smush this, squeeze it, and use it in… Continue reading Toddler Inspiration. Favorite things we’re loving right now!!!