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DIY Miniature happy birthday hats


I absolutely love Calico Critters for my girl.  It seems like whenever she plays with them, she plays really sweetly as apposed to her My Little Pony captures.  LOL.  This is a really simple craft that makes playing with them just a little bit sweeter!!!

Here’s how:

Grab your favorite printed mini cupcake wrappers and some small pom poms and a bit of hot glue.  That’s it and it takes about 15 minutes.  Bonus.

1.  Take your wrapper.


2.  Fold it in half.


3.  Fold it in thirds.


4.  Make a cone by overlapping 1/3 of the wrapper over another third.  Hot glue it closed.


5.  Pick a pop of color with your pom poms.


6.  Add a drop of glue to the tip top of the cone.  Immediately pop a pom pom on it and press hard until it dries.


7.  Pick fun colors to accent each hat and add a bit of whimsy to your selection by adding good contrast.


Voila!  A party for the critters to fill your little one with joy.  This is sure to be a party you don’t want to miss.


Bonne fete!


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