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Repurpose your Easter basket into this fluffy bunny one!


I couldn’t bring myself to buy another $25 – $35 dollar Easter basket again for something that would disappear into storage for eternity.  So, I happened to have some fur fabric sitting around from Walmart.  One yard cost me about $5 and I used about a 1/4 yard to pull off wrapping the old basket.  I couldn’t help but think a little bunny Easter basket would look so cute.  One tip: buy your hot glue at the $1 store, it surprising works the same and costs a $1 instead of 5-7 dollars at the local craft store!  Don’t forget that homemade stuff collecting dust has so much more meaning than clutter you spent zero time on.

Here’s how to make it:


Be sure to follow the matching bunny ear tutorial for this basket!


  1. Wrap the fur fabric around the basket and leave an inch or 2 inches of fabric on each side to tuck under and glue with hot glue.  This will cover the basket completely.  Glue on the inside and underneath.

2.  Make the fluffy bunny tail.  Layout 1 1/2′ pieces of tulle, yarn, and streamers of any color you desire.  I used 5 colors of yarn and about 4 pieces of each color.  I used three colors of streamers, and three colors of tulle.  Pull all the strands together in the middle.

3.  Fold it in half and then fold it again.  Tie it in the middle real tight.

4.  Cut it on all edges until all strands are freed up.  Pull it in all directions, fluffing it until it’s a full pom pom.  Hot glue this bunny tail to the back of the basket in the middle of the fur.

Use the bunny tale on the basket and make one to pin to your kids skirts or pants.  Make it even bigger than this for some fun.


5. make the bunny ears for your basket with pipe cleaners and the leftover confetti-like scraps from the pom pom.  Make a bunny ear shape with your pipe-cleaner by bending it in half and pressing to point it at the top.  Wrap another pipe cleaner all the way around the shape to make it stronger, twist at top and bottom to attach other pipe cleaner.

6.  Lay a 1 foot piece of tulle down and put the bunny ear shaped pipe cleaner down on it.  On the bottom half of it lay the confetti down around the pipe cleaner.  Fold the tulle down over it and fold in the edges. Hot glue the tulle down using a piece of fabric to press with so you won’t burn your fingers.  Cut-out two layers of streamer in a bunny ear shape and hot glue it to the top of the bunny ear.

7.  Thread a needle with thick thread of cream or pink color.  Tie a knot at the bottom and whip-stitch all the way around the ear about a 1/2″ apart.  Go gently through the streamer paper too.  At the end of the ear pull tightly and gently  pulling the ear into a more realistic bent and formed bunny ear shape.  Tie and double knot.  Repeat on other ear.

8.  Hot glue them to the inside of your basket.  Glue them in the middle and then spaced according to realistic bunny ear spacing.  Glue again to make sure they are on there tightly.  Fluff the inside of your basket full of nest fluff to cover any seams.  Make it nice and full.  There you have it, some confetti bunny ears!!!


Enjoy filling it with your favorite picks this season.  A few ideas are in this post


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