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OSEA Vegan products from Malibu

I have been partnering with Osea and I have to say I stand behind these products 110%. They make me feel amazing and the scents instantly calm me down. I can feel the nourishing qualities instantly and am so excited to try every single product they make! I am not exaggerating.

Here are some I have tried recently (starting with my favorite one thus far):


This anti-aging body balm has lavender and geranium scents and smells divine.  It nourishes and promotes more firm and supple skin.  Just what I need!!  The Patagonian seaweed seals in moisture.  It leaves my skin dewy and soft.  I love smelling it all day long.


Another one that stays on all day and smells delish.  I love the Undaria Algae Oil for that earthy, I just came from the spa smell.  It helps me to feel relaxed and to remember to focus on good health.  This is rich in antioxidants, sea minerals, and supple skin.


I love a nice nighttime routine and this Ocean Cleanser was revitalizing and removed impurities and hydrated my skin.  I just wet my face and then applied it and let the lime, cypress and juniper oils energize my skin.  My face feels really smooth afterwards.

So those are my favorites right now.  I will definitely be posting about other products as I try them so stay in the know and follow my blog!  I hope you try them out and enjoy the benefits of such an inspiring company.

Note:  These are perfect for Christmas presents!  You could also do a sample pack for only $5 just to try a few products or share with family members.

DISCLAIMER:  I am an affiliate marketer and I do receive a percentage of sales.  However, I am honest in my reviews of products and I am here to find the best gifts and ideas for my followers.  Having these opportunities brings giveaways and information to you, so that’s exciting.

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