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Stuffed animal storage chair! A perfect solution for those furry friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to grab a stuffed animal and gift it and take a cart home from the Disney store, but then there’s where to put them.  I have racked my brain trying to find nifty things to do with them.  And sometimes it’s just plain impossible to find a solution.

This stuffed animal storage chair flashed before my eyes from Be Happy Home, and instantly I thought – that’s it! That is exactly what I need to hide the fluffy friends.  We are always wanting a beanbag and pillows to pile around the TV too.  I didn’t want to do the ZOO with bars idea.  I find that depressing, animals aren’t for us to experience like that; they are meant to be in the wild.

What are ideas you have for stuffed animal storage?  Let me know if you enjoy this solution for your kids playroom.

Here is the link to this adorable beanbag if you are wanting to solve some clutter issues and get comfy.


Disclaimer: this post is sponsored and I profit from sharing this ibformation.  I share my honest opinion and supporting these posts actually helps me to bring you exciting information and giveaways.  Cheers!

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