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Summertime blue

Blueberry picking with my mini


Berry picking with my little Willow Bug is in the top five of my favorite things to do together.  We talked all about what it takes to get a blueberry ready for the basket…planting, watering, growing, picking, sorting, washing…it’s a huge process.

Since we play grocery store all the time, it makes it easy to really go over the whole experience.  Grasping the concepts of how food grows, what it looks like in the real environment is a big deal.  Oh, side note: my “realistic” grocery store is huge now.  I have 4 paper bags hanging in a closet with real grocery packaging.  I cannot wait to set that up tomorrow.  I’ve been saving everything that cleans up well or is a dry good.

So, there’s a great blueberry farm in Gaviota area called Santa Barbara Blueberries which is a upick farm.  I suggest going in the morning or at like 4:30.  It’s hot out there.  All in all, berry picking is a great outdoor activity that can lead to a great baking opportunity the next day.  We plan to bake blueberry muffins!


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