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DIY Fruit Popsicles




  • Fruit – all different kinds
  • Several popsicle molds – depends on how many you want to make!
  • Fruit juice – a couple cups

How to make it:

  1. Blend your juice with a little bit of fruit to give it texture and to make it frothy
  2. Have your little one mash-up all the fruit and cut-up some too.
  3. Have your little one scoop up all the mashed fruit and push it into the molds halfway up.
  4. Pour juice into the molds to fill them all the way.  I actually really enjoyed the mashed fruit part more than the fruit juice part of the popsicle so it’s up to you if you want to do half and half or all mashed fruit.
  5. Push down inside each popsicle to make sure there are no spaces inside.  Make sure it is all mixed and solid in there before freezing.
  6. Freeze for several hours and voila, you have something that’s healthy enough for breakfast too!  We did that today and it worked like a charm.


We made frothy strawberry drinks with the leftover juice and chopped up fruit.  I added five cubes of ice to make it like an icy.  It was frothy and delicious in our Madonna Inn goblets!!!  Enjoy making healthy treats.  Oh, and sliced kiwi looks amazing in a frozen popsicle.  Just saying!

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