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DIY Boho Flower Crown

Spring Goes, Summer Comes

The little darling, Spring,
Has run away;
The sunshine grew too hot for her to stay, 
She kissed her sister, Summer, 
And she said:
“When I am gone, you must be queen instead.”
Now reigns the Lady Summer,
Round whose feet
A thousand fairies flock with blossoms sweet.
By: Cicely Mary Barker

It’s almost Mother’s Day so I wanted to get a little bit of a head start making things with my little one.  I love to pick flowers together and play around in flower crowns and headdresses.  It always feels special to adorn yourself in gorgeous flowers and then save them by hanging them upside down to dry or throw them in your bath.  Now most people would think it was something you had to buy unless you’re a florist or something.  Not the case!  Read my other blog post about doing a mommy-and-me photo shoot with homemade flower crowns too!

Flowers aren’t all that expensive and we picked all of our own roses, flowers, and greenery from our yard.  I actually snagged some eucalyptus months ago off the side of the road; it has dried in a vase on my shelf ever since; I used a little of this today.  Fresh eucalyptus would be less brittle but it worked for a quick solution to needing a little greenery.

So, my point is don’t feel like you can’t make this and it doesn’t have to be perfect.  I typically don’t use floral tape and tuck all my wires.  I am a fan of using what I have to create, hence why I don’t use floral tape most of the time.  However, in this DIY tutorial I will mention when to use it in case you want to be more official in making these.  You can probably you tube it because floral tape can be a bit tricky sometimes.  It takes a little finesse.



Numerous handpicked flowers from your yard and all over the side of the road!  I used to work for a florist who would say go into that field and get that bamboo or that magnolia blossom.  I like to keep my eye on what grows around in town to have a running list of free materials.

OR store bought roses, colorful flowers, babies breath and some greenery, anything that lights your fire!

An old pair of jeans – for tying in the back – cut in 1 1/2″ strips or boho style lace

Wire that is covered with a bark-like coating – not sure the name here – brown and thick

Green thin floral wire – I cut in quarters and in half to wire in flowers – about 3 or 6″s

Crystals – with holes – make boho clusters – I would do tons of gems!  Gypsy woman!

Vases or jars with water to keep flowers fresh

Some shade

A wire cutter

A pair of pliers – for bending wires down

floral tape – green or brown

Strips of ditsy fabric – to wrap the brown wire with to help tuck in sharp edges and give more of a gypsy woman style to your crown.

Create your Boho Crown:

Measure your head and your little ones.  Mine was 22″ and hers was 20″.  Use measuring tape or string.  Whatever you have to get it done.

Cut your wire the size of your head.  Then bend the ends back about an inch to make   a loop.  Twist wire around to secure loop.  loop should be as big as your thumb nail,        maybe a bit bigger.  Use pliers to bend it tightly back and push in wire all the way.

Cut strips of denim 1 1/2″ thick and about knee to ankle length.  You can make them as long as you’d like.  Maybe you want lace blowing in the wind.  Just make sure you can tie a bow.

Go flower picking.  Pick your favorites in the garden, get everything in water and shade and make a nice flower crown bar type area with everything laid out.  Present your flowers in the order that you want them to appear.  Try to design it here so you have a plan and things are proportionate, then add some flair or little changes later on if need be.



Wire your flowers.  Cut the stem off leaving about a one to two inch stem.  Poke a wire in the firm part of the flower just before the petals.  Push it through halfway.  Bend it back and twist it around the stem.  If you were using floral tape now you would wrap this stem with the tape, pulling it on the diagonal as you twist it and turn the flower.  Pretend you are making a little boutonniere here.  Cover the wire and stem with the tape completely and break off the excess at the end.  Wire little clusters of flowers together and bigger flowers at the base and prep all of them at once so you are ready to create.


Cut strips of ditsy fabric 1 1/2″ wide by 14″ or so.  The length just needs to be long to wrap many times but not really a specific measurement but the width must be specific.  Too big and it won’t wrap well.

Tie to the top where the flowers end.  Or do your flowers all the way around.  Your preference.  I am an organic type designer.  I like to take each step at a time and be open to any changes or possibilities.  You will never get a “you must do” type guide from me.  Sorry!  Wrap the fabric all the way to the denim ties in the loops.  double knot it even if it’s thick.  We are going raw, boho, frayed edges, crystals; this is a gypsy flower crown after all.

Wire your crystals in clusters.  String many on a wire and tie it around the fabric near the flowers.  Secure it tight and tuck, tuck, tuck all wires away.


The old jewelry designer in me is wanting a crown almost entirely covered in gems.  Stay-tuned for a very jewelry focused gypsy crown tutorial.  I am so inspired right now and apparently so is my little dancer!

I got out a few special Mother’s Day mementos today to have out.  A sweet pregnancy photo of me, a vintage necklace from my dear grandmother who just passed.  I made a gorgeous floral arrangement for the table top and enjoyed getting out some of our mini Chinese parasols to make dancing in the yard fun!  I have many rose petals for some lovely bath soak with lots of candles.  Have a lovely mother’s day and be sure to enjoy your flower crowns all day long while they are looking best and fresh.  Maybe refrigerate overnight to try to keep them just a little bit longer and don’t for get to dry them to keep forever.



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