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Goopy play!


Cornstarch play!  It’s so simple and so cheap.  Caution: don’t over water it or it will be ruined.


*minimum 2 boxes of cornstarch

*several drops of food coloring

*a couple cups of water (add one at a time to make sure the consistency is not watered down)

I like to make mine like snow.  So, I dump two boxes of cornstarch into a large bin or water table.  I then add one cup of water at a time until it is wet but still has a fluffy consistency.  I recommend getting as much cornstarch as you can so you can have a huge heap.  But two boxes will get the job done for sure.

Add drops of food coloring to your desired color and lots of plastic water toys.  It does get really messy so maybe do it over a tarp or have an area where you can dump it and not get it all over your patio.  It’s extra fun in a flat bin on the lawn with lots of kids interacting with it.

Then let your child enjoy this simple yet very entertaining sensory play activity!!!  Goopy play for the win!


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