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Homemade Nummy mac-n-cheese



Nummy yummy!  This is not a gourmet recipe but a basic mac-n-cheese recipe.  However, my daughter eats it more than any other kind she’s had.  It comes out thick and creamy.


Shell pasta – whole box

2 C of milk

2-3 tablespoons flour

8 oz. Minimum of mild cheddar cheese, add an extra 1/2 C to go over the top!


What to do:

Cook your pasta according to box instructions.  Heat up the milk in a saucepan.  Add 2 tablespoons of flour and whisk on medium heat regularly.  Don’t neglect it or it will burn.  It will thicken eventually – like 5 min.  If it’s not thick enough add an extra tablespoon of flour and whisk.

Once it fluffs up and thickens, add all the cheese and whisk continuously.  Remove from heat once it’s all melted and mixed.  Pour over the shell pasta and combine.  Season with salt and you could add strips of ham deli meat that you could pre-saute ahead of time – for a golden juicy ham.  This is yummy for kids.  So simple and so cheap.  It works!!!  Serve with slices of tomato, apple slices and you’ve got a delish toddler meal!


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