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Balloon Easter egg decor


Balloon Easter Eggs are really fun for attaching to a tinsel garland or taping to a table display and covering the bottom of the eggs with green nesty fluff.


balloons in various colors, sparkly mod podge, sponge brush – small, glitter – lots, pom poms, strips of ditzy fabrics, jeans, felt and pink lemonade print, markers, and adhesive hearts and bunnies and stickers.

What to do:

Take your sponge paintbrush and dip in your mod podge.  Make one stripe all the way around your blownup balloon.  Immediately, sprinkle glitter all around the wet stripe.

Make patterns with your stickers and adhesive bunnies, etc.  Patterns here look very deliberate and really make them look like a beautiful Easter egg.

I sketched a bunny from a picture and drew it with a marker.  Then decided to do a patchwork bunny.  I mod podged the shape inside the lines and cut the fabric strips to fit within the lines.  Lay down your fabric strips and press and then paint mod podge over it.  Cover with glitter, too.  Let it dry.

A really fun and easy way to get into this would be with washi tape with many designs and colors.  I didn’t have much, so I used what we had.  But do stripes with long pieces of washi tape and cut them in smaller shapes too, to make designs.  Have fun!!

Be sure not to lay these in the grass, they will pop immediately.  Have fun making large Easter eggs for a fun display or party.


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