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Making an Easter Egg Garland


It’s springtime, I cannot believe it really.  I am loving the green rolling hills.  I had had it with the dried up look of the valley.  I am so ready for new growth on all the branches.  It is going to be delightful to have flowers and leaves aplenty.  Easter Sunday is right around the corner and we are fully embracing it now with fun Easter sensory bins, crafts and tomorrow some baking projects.  Enjoy contemplating your spring planting goals and observing the natural world shift around you.


We made an Easter garland with the felt eggs that we embellished.  We used Elmer’s glue and hot glue for the pom pom and self-adhesive bunnies.  Get out all your craft materials, cut strips of fabric and cut shapes out.  The emphasis on this craft was making patterns.  That is a fun one for this age.  They are noticing the patterns and color changes and spacing.  It is a whole new realm of doing art with her.  Currently my daughter says daily “I’m going to be an artist when I grow up.”  =)


That’s all you need and go to town.  Then just use a needle and thick thread to tie the eggs to the pink tinsel garland.  This will be a sweet one to get out every year at Easter.



Our favorite springtime activities, right now:


Taking pictures in wildflowers!


Eating lucky charms in secret so my child doesn’t consume all this sugar, and they need to go since St. Patrick’s day is over!  But it is oh so satisfying and just like childhood.


I cannot get enough of the story of Thumbelina.  It is precious and I love asking Willow to tell me about all of Thumbelina’s suitors for marriage.  It is hilarious to hear how the story unfolds from a wee tot’s perspective.  I will have to journal these responses in her baby chronicles.


Scavenger hunts are a huge hit right now.  We make a long list of what to find and she goes after it with her collection materials and magnifying lens.  Finding a rolly polly is the funnest one since she can study them easily without hurting them.


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