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DIY Furry Bunny Ears



Ready to make some fun bunny ears for your wee tot?  Grab an old headband that nobody is wearing anymore, and use that for your ears.  I cut the bow off of this one.  Let’s get started!


4 sparkly pipe cleaners

Needle and cream thread

headband to repurpose

about a 1′ square of white fur fabric

1 cream felt rectangle

1 1/2′ strands of five different colors of yarn – 4 strands per color

1 1/2′ strands of 3 different colors of streamers

1 1/2′ strands of 3 different colors of tulle

Hot glue and glue gun

1.  Take your pipe cleaner and bend it in half.  Point the top like a bunny ear.  Wrap around the headband and twist around at the bottom of the pipe cleaner to really secure it to the headband.  Take one more pipe cleaner and wrap and twist it around the whole ear pipe cleaner and secure at the bottom by twisting and pressing in the end of the wire.  This way you make it stronger.

Cut a piece of felt the size of the pipe cleaner ear shape and whip-stitch it with cream thick thread all the way around the pipe cleaner.  Make sure it is flush with the edge so it doesn’t hang over and look messy.

2.  Cut-out two furry bunny ear shapes that are the same size as the felt pieces.  Trim them to be exact and hot glue them onto the felt.  Make sure there are no holes.

3.  Trim it down around the headband and make sure it is showing the sparkly pipe cleaners on the edges.  Whip-stitch the cream fur all the way around it again with a thick cream thread.  Tie-off at the bottom and burn the edges off.

4.  Layout 4 strands of 5 different colors of yarn, three different strands of different color streamers, and three different strands of different colored tulle.  Pull it together in the middle.  Fold it in half.  Then fold that in half again.  Tie it tightly with a piece of yarn in the middle and triple knot that.  Cut the sides of the loops which resembles a bow.

Trim them down quite a bit to be proportional with the ears.  Fluff your pom pom and hot glue one to each ear.  Glue again to secure and press firmly against the ear.

Et voila!  You’ve done it.  You’ve managed to make a darling pair of bunny ears for your little one that she or he will never forget.  Get creative with your color combos.  Walmart sells this fur fabric by the yard for super cheap and all of this yarn.  Checkout my other blog post about how to make this matching basket and it also goes over the pom pom a bit there too.


Hop hop hoppy Easter!




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