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Favorites a la Target

I couldn’t resist sharing some favorites from my trip a la Target today.  Some of these are perfect for Easter baskets!!!  And a trip to the desert.  Tee-hee.  For me all I need is a Target.  If only it was closer to my house.  I could do all of my gifting and home decor purchases and clothing shopping there.  I know that probably sounds terrible but I am a simple gal who just needs a little on trend merchandise and a low price point to be happy.  I don’t need Ralph Lauren and the frou frou stuff.  So, here’s a little fun shopping inspiration for ya.

Thinking Springtime decor with this  moss wreath.  And my favorite yellow shola flower wreath is gorgeous and it’s really spring now!  Yes.


Or the darling topiaries.


Darling felt basket for the hunt, peeps scented nail polish and unicorn lip balm.  Such cute Easter grabs.


These shabby chic baskets were amazing.  The pink Pillowfort basket was my fav.  and the white fabric bin and the small decorative bin.  They fold down a bit and kinda mold into a space.  I love the fringe and boho chic style.  I really need these in a very visible spot of the house!


The Cat & Jack jellies with ice cream and hello kitty-esque in blue are cute too.  I love these simple snap sandals. Willow lived in the kitty Mini Melissa’s but honestly the price of these was so appealing, I just launched for them and threw them into the cart.  It’s a difference of paying $45 dollars to $15.  I’ll take it.


These light-up gold letters were fabulous.  I love monogramming a kids room or highlighting a special word in the house.


This one has been on my radar for awhile. I just think this clock looks rustic and perfect for my farmhouse theme.  I love the dark wood and black numbers.


This shiny dress with soft pastels and a subtle metal weave is perfect for a little Easter dress.  I love getting a nice dress that can transform into a regularly worn item after the holiday.  I am so all about finding practical garments and baskets nowadays.  And the rosette pillow with a metallic whip-stitched edge is lovely.  I love the stiff fabric, it seems so durable.  This sweet little felt bunny bucket is only $3.  It’s precious for one of the many Easter hunts.


Pretty sweet.  I might switch out the shoes for a fancier one for brunch though.  But love them together too.

These felt eggs sang to me.  Perfect lines, already cut-out, yes!  I want to have Willow decorate them with pom poms, adhesive bunnies and strips of fabric, sequins, etc.  Making fun designs with hot glue.  We will attach them to some pink tinsel garland to hang-up.


Here’s the desert trip I was referencing earlier.  This just sings to me.  This cactus bikini needs to happen at some point in Palm Springs!!!  Right?

That’s it for now but I will be designing a room idea soon!!  So, stay-tuned and remember to follow the blog for regular updates.  XO  Also, just a quick disclaimer.  I am an affiliate marketer for Target and I do receive commissions on merchandise.  It helps me to bring exciting ideas your way and to give you giveaways and discounts.  Thanks!

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