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Montana De Oro Tide Pools

Hitting up the tide pools is by far one of the best experiences to have with your little one.  Mine is a true beach girl and wants to stay until the sunsets or in other words, she’s a mermaid.  I cannot express another place in the whole world that I would rather go braving the tides at then at Montana De Oro.  We like to walk the bluffs until a little side trail drops down to a gorgeous little beach.  I have never been to New Zealand but feel from pictures that it looks just like this and it’s on the Central Coast of CA.


Am I right?  I mean look at this.  The beaches are so pristine and it’s a national park so they take great care to keep it that way.  There’s an abundance of sea creatures to see and overall, I just can’t get enough of it.  The bluffs make for a nice little hike too if you’re up for it after seeing the tide pools.  We had our rehearsal dinner at one of these special beaches and it was memorable for not just us but our party.  Put it on the calendar, it’s a must do!


I was so stoked to get to see see urchins.  I didn’t realize what a deep purple they were.


Bon voyage a la mer

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