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Rainy day activity – decorating shoes!


If it’s gonna be dim outside then that calls for a bright colorful craft day!  We’re making it a sunshiny bright feeling inside while embracing the lovely contrasting cold and soon to be wet outside, and when it pours down we will definitely put our heals away and get into goulashes for a good splash!  I love projects that re-purpose items that are worn-out or tired…like my old heals, that you couldn’t pay me money to walk in ever again!!!!!!!!!!

We watch a lot of play-doh princess around here and some of the programs include making a princess heal out of glittery play-doh.  So, my daughter wanted to make a shoe really badly.  This is not play-doh but it was a fun craft project to try out.  The last time I made shoes as a kid was when I made masking tape shoes.  I would wrap my feet and make a flat shoe with the tape and put tights on my head for long hair like Rapunzel.







Don’t worry, these weren’t Gucci!  This is a fun one if you have a toddler shoe that your toddler can actually wear afterwards.  These were fun just because of the height and size to decorate.  I used hot glue and all of her craft materials.  I just let her place everything and then I placed glue on it for her.  I did the pom pom shoe while she did the Tinkerbell one.  It is important to craft with your children to keep them interested and to help them to be innovative and resourceful.  Let their creativity sour.  We were also inspired by the Shopkins sneaky wedge and the Shopkins heal with sunglasses.

Have fun with it.  Maybe you can make a pair of matchy matchy shoes or magical shoes for the home!


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