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froyo – simple pleasures


This couldn’t be an easier healthy snack or dessert.  I always love cooking ideas that don’t involve cutting things with little ones since I haven’t invested yet in a toddler knife.  They do make them so that they can cut but not hurt themselves.  I will look into it!

Grab a tub of vanilla yogurt or any flavor for that matter.  Get some fun molds to use.  I got out the Madeline tray and the sea shells.  I chopped up some fruit of pear, banana, and apples.  Coconut flakes would have been wonderful, rats!  Next time.

Let your little one spoon in the yogurt until it is 3/4 full in each shell.  Then let them pile on the fruits and push them down into the yogurt so it will freeze together and be a little more mixed up.


I covered them with plastic wrap – probably should be freezer safe wrap.  Not sure.  I had to use a little knife to help pop them out after they froze but they came out pretty easy.  You can always run some hot water behind the tray as well, briefly to help remove them.

This was a fun and easy treat to eat with a napkin because it’s so cold.  But it comes out in a sweet shell shape and is super healthy for dessert.  Remember to find yogurt like Mountain High that have a low sugar content, to make it extra healthy for you and your tots!  We love to shout FROYO!!!  (when we are eating it).  FROYO!!!


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