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Valentine’s Day at Madonna Inn


Checking into Inn

The Madonna Inn, a place to remember!

If you’re looking for a gaudy and remarkable explosion of pink and cherubs for a Valentine’s day celebration, then there is no better place than the pink vintage hotel in San Luis Obispo!  The Madonna Inn has always been an attraction for my family for fun occasions, since it is one of the unique places in my hometown.  Visitors have always wanted to get a piece of it, whether it be to get a colorful goblet souvenir, checkout the ornate bathrooms, shower in a rock wall shower, eat dinner in a pink booth with a gold cherub above your head, or be pleasantly surprised by individual rooms, each with their own vintage flair and allure.

Nothing is more fun than all the history, color, pink decor, cakes and northern European cuisine that it offers.  And they have drastically remodeled to have an infinity pool, hot pink and turquoise tennis courts, updated rooms, and a jacuzzi near a waterfall.  They offer horseback riding, carriage rides on Valentine’s Day, ice skating in the winter, bridal expos, bike riding, swimming, and tennis.  Side note: I’m so utterly excited to watch the Olympic ice skater’s with my Willow.  Aren’t you?

I’ve been to prom; Easter brunch; weddings; my own wedding night stay; sweet 16 birthdays in gaudy vintage attire – ordering all things pink; romantic birthday getaways with my beau; my bachelorette party; my families work holiday dinners; yummy breakfasts with family in town and ice-skating with my little for the first time.  I have to say, I can’t get enough of it and I think it is so memorable.

Some oldies for a good laugh!

Oh, the pink robes.  How I love them!  Our first stay was in the Daisy Mae room which I will forever remember as this darling romantic cave with all rock walls, it was small and had a rock wall shower with pretty flowers everywhere.  It was so sweet and special for us.  Here are my recommendations for rooms to pick!

My favorite rooms:

Australian Sweet

Daisy Mae

Irish Hills

Love Nest


Madonna Suite


Swiss Belle

Sky Room

The ballroom is seriously wonderful.  All pink and gaudy, which i LOVE!!!  There’s live music to dance to and you have to get pink champagne cake.  Valentine’s hearts will surround these flowers and hang above you on Valentine’s day.



If it’s too late to do a spontaneous night at the Madonna, I highly recommend if for a future romantic getaway or ladies night out.  The more I write about it the more I just want to run over there and indulge in all the amenities and goodies.

We like to get as much as we can from it.  So, we show up at 10 a.m even though check in is around 3 or 4.  Guests are allowed to use the amenities outside of the room before check in, so we go play tennis on the hot pink, get some lunch at the Copper Cafe and then hit the pool and pool bar for the afternoon.  Then get early check in at noon if it’s available.  Settle into our room.  Then head out for dinner in the ballroom and drinks at the bar afterwards watching the swing dancing.  Then hit the pool for the evening and Jacuzzi, followed by chess and a movie in pink robes.  Then breakfast in the copper cafe and hit the gift shop, press a penny, buy extra Madonna Inn Champagne because it’s that good and voila – this my friends is the perfect short getaway for my hubby and I.  The best part is it’s only a short drive to the grandparents house – so I can be even more at ease knowing I’m not far from my child.

Last year they offered a $100 dollar off special.  I chose one of the cheaper rooms to make it a $120 night stay.  It was well worth it.  It pays to look at their specials often to see what fun they are offering and to make it more affordable for those that might cringe at the price of the rooms.  I know I would stay there all the time if it was about a $100 dollars cheaper but then it wouldn’t be as special!


I hope you have a lovely stay there and enjoy all the amenities.  I hope to stay there sometime and do the horseback riding and carriage ride around the property on Valentine’s Day!!

Salut et bon voyage!

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