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Beauty tips – a phenomenal mascara and lipstick!


Talking about makeup!  Yup…stepping outside of the comfort zone a little here, folks.

No.  Not really, but it just seems like a more intimate topic.  Skincare and makeup are mostly applied behind closed doors and it has so many different layers – all the weird things we do to our face at night might not be what we want the world to know.  So, I’m starting with a comfortable topic…mascara and lipstick!  Eventually, once I’ve sampled many things coming my way…I will share with you my make-up and nighttime routine once I’ve defined it for myself and find it useful for others.  I’m always curious about peoples favorite routines so please use the comments to share all things standing out to you.

It seems many women (in case you have’t noticed) are wearing fake eyelashes.  It’s kinda to the point where I am studying peoples faces to see if they are real or not.  Has that happened to you yet?  It’s bizarre but at the same time looking like Betty Boop is probably fun.  I wore fake lashes once in my life, on my wedding night.  I was stoked to have them on.  I know myself far too well and high maintenance stuff if not for me, it’s for the birds.  So, having lashes stuck to me 24/7 – no can do.

But I like the idea, just not the upkeep.  I found this mascara in my first Birch Box.  If you haven’t heard of Birch Box, let me tell you, it is so much fun.


It’s a monthly subscription box for only $10.  The samples are small but it’s so fun to get a sampling of things to try and that I didn’t have to go find at Sephora .  Plus, everything is trendy and fun and you definitely get more bang for your buck!  If you want a full size sample box you should consider the fabfitfun box.  This one is extra nice.  I mentioned it in a previous post…here are the details.  Use that link for a discounted price!  I only have a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens and Parent Magazine…that’s it, so adding some cosmetic subscription boxes was a big deal.  I’m at the age now where finding good makeup and good healthy routines is essential for keeping that youthful appearance.


Here’s the mascara that I’m loving right now.  I will not be going back to all the cheap mascaras that I used to buy.  Thanks to Birch Box I discovered this gem.  It really makes my lashes look so much longer and fuller.  My lashes felt soft even at nighttime after wearing it for hours.  I recommend wearing a powder to set your concealer if you use it under your eye to make sure it doesn’t run down a little.  I am a huge fan now!


Another favorite was this Mac lipstick that I got with Birch Box!  It’s “Velvet Teddy” and I am in love with this, too.  It’s a nice natural tone to wear all day.  It is so moisturizing and dries well so I can kiss with it.  I absolutely love it!

There you have it.  The best lipstick and the best mascara I have ever owned.



Disclaimer: I am an affiliate marketer and will be paid a commission if you purchase a product from my links. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link and by doing so you make it possible in the future to offer you free products and discounts. I have not used every product recommended but have used most of them, and have read all of the reviews. Thank you in advance for your support!

3 thoughts on “Beauty tips – a phenomenal mascara and lipstick!

  1. Great make-up tips! I love the powder over the concealer idea! By the end of the day I am a raccoon and this will surely help.


    1. Hi babe. Glad that helps. I’ve also just been putting a tiny bit of concealer on to help with it and a little less mascara on lower lashes. That all should help. It’s fun playing with new ideas!


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