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Noel recap!


So, I am officially over the moon for punch bowl sets and punch!  At Thanksgiving I had a blast making ice rings – it’s like making a perishable wreath.  See my blog post about them if you haven’t read it yet.  I want to make these for every occasion and punch!!!  This Noel I made the simplest but oh so fun punch.  So simple, I just made it up.

Rainbow Sherbet Punch

2 cans of orange juice of concentrate

1 can of pineapple juice of concentrate

a half gallon of rainbow sherbet

I just added the appropriate water content necessary to make the juice, put it in the punch bowl and scooped the sherbet in with an ice cream scoop.  The best outcome was using the ladle to fill the little juice cup and placing one ice cream scoop of sherbet on top or at least a large chunk.  Then I let it melt into the punch and foam up.  Voila, total harmony.  I love this dessert/punch!!!  Next event I will need to do something with coconut.  We did this for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.


I just made this up.  I melted some chocolate, crushed some peppermint candy and used some sprinkles to dip the melted chocolate and pretzel in.  It was very tasty.


For the Garver’s Christmas isn’t Christmas without a ham and pineapple with a citrus glaze on Christmas or Christmas Eve.  We have a darling Christmas book about Christmas celebrations all over the world and in one of the Northern European countries, they ate their special Christmas meal to candlelight.  I found this to be the perfect ambiance for a special dinner.


That’s right.  Mama got dada into matchy matchy pjs from Pat Pat.  I was thrilled with these.  They were an amazing quality.  I loved the tapered ankle – I will never go back to regular legs on pjs.  I love that they stay put.  The cotton was thick and smooth.  I seriously couldn’t believe the quality.  We are so cold this Winter so we will be wearing them all Winter long and then I might have to hide them away so they will be special for next year!


Joy to the world!


Below is just a little collage of circles of all the fun we had.  Even though our little one got sick on Christmas Eve we still managed to have a rockin’ holiday.  We had a nice morning of opening presents at 5am.  I loved every second of setting up the stockings at night with my hubby, eating bites out of the cookies for Santa, bringing out the mother load of presents to place under the tree with some champagne in hand.  It was truly a special time.  And then we saw lots of family after the big day so that made it extra special.  I am so hooked on Christmas that I am kinda toying with the idea of having an ornament business.  Yup, I might even need a rocking chair and fireplace to pull off my dreams of making tiny things by a warm fire.

Yet again, I have managed to post about a holiday way after the fact.  How do I keep up?  I will get better about this, I promise.  I hope your holiday season was special and warm.  Having a sick little bear on Christmas really helped to release all of the expectations for the big day and let us just focus on what was important – being healthy and together, the rest was just icing on the cake!  Salut.

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