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Cinderella Pumpkin floral arrangements




This was such a simple arrangement for our Thanksgiving farm table and it lasted several days without softening.  I found some pink pepper in the neighborhood to use as a nice fluffy texture.  I made a little wreath with some floral wire and laid it over the hole I cut in the pumpkin.  I then inserted all of the succulents into the Cinderella and removed dirt to make them fit.  I did not water these later on at all.  I hot glued a few acorns to it to cover up my jagged knife cut and added some pine cones and random stuff from the yard to dress it up a bit.

That’s all there is to it.  Seriously!  I contemplated doing a Christmas one and painting the Cinderella gold and doing this same idea with holly and pine and white roses, but I just didn’t find the time.  So, the pumpkin could live on through the rest of holiday season!  You don’t even need to clean out the pumpkin beyond making room for your plants.  The seeds and innards keep it moist in there so you don’t need to water.  Happy arranging!

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