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Lovelies and Fancies – What I’m loving right now! A few homemade gift ideas and links!!!


As I’m thinking about the holiday, my cheer has diminished a bit.  It could have something to do with the fact that my Christmas tree water bucket had a hole in it for probably about two and a half weeks and I didn’t know it.  I thought, “gosh, this tree sure drinks water!”  The tree skirt wasn’t even wet but most of my living room carpet is soaked into the pads underneath.  I pulled almost the whole thing up tonight.  Unbelievable, really. All of a sudden I realized my feet were wet as I went over to unplug the tree.  Argh.

One thing that is helping to keep me pumped for the holiday even with my tree unplugged and shoved in a corner.  It’s the thought of writing an extra special letter from Santa and Mrs. Claus and the elves to Willow.  I thought gussy it up with some red glitter and nice little gingerbread men and women and put some pine inside, make it smell nice.  I saw that people are doing this as a business and whenever I see something commercialized, I think, well… I can make that better at home and it will be more special.  Don’t underestimate your power to create and don’t forget that anything made from you is going to standout and be more memorable than something everyone else has.

I also mentioned this in my other blog post about focusing more on the sentimentality of the season when you start getting that urge to keep spending.  When you’re all said and done with your purchases but you still have a couple weeks, so you just keep dipping into your pocket book.  How can you avoid it?  For me, it helps to have lots of homemade ideas in my head.  I looked at Willow’s tudor doll house today and realized it was due time to finish that darn thing and maybe make it something extra special.  So, I’m going to remodel it on the quick but only the house itself, not furniture.  I’m going to claim Santa took it from the house to have the elves work on it.  Then put it under the tree with a huge red bow and lots of Christmas decorations and say Santa finished it for you!!

Another letter I want to write is to my dying grandmother and my grandfather, he is not dying but older and so I want to write to both of them.  I want to write a letter that explains my deepest emotions and memories of them.  To kinda write my heart out and say goodbye because I know that the end is near.  I feel under these circumstances a letter could be very special.

I also thought that making a few things for the doll house would be sweet.  I’m working on a post about making finger puppet taxidermy wall mounts.  This will be one thing I will gift her.  I want to put them in her stocking.

Or just bake cookies and make homemade ornaments.

But if you are still purchasing your gifts, let me make a few suggestions:

Willow has many Fancy Nancy books from her grandparents and these are FABULOUS!  I saw that they have a Christmas one.  One of her favorites is The Mermaid Ballet

A mermaid tail blanket is so fun.  Willow has two of them and one is for adults, too.  So, I pretty much barrow hers all the time.

Dogeared Pearl Necklace – so simple and elegant.  Perfect for a mum.

Nothing like reading the Outlander I’ve seen season one already so I can guarantee a good read here.  I would love to get into it since my sisters and mother love it.  And there are so many to read in the series.  Others on my to read list are Les Miserables, This collection of books, puffin in bloom – Anne of Green Gables, i must have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This 17 month agenda since I live for these.

I’m a sucker for all things Disney but these are so dang cute!  Ariel shoes

And to conclude my daily inspirations with Unicorn Poop keep the kiddos entertained for hours at a restaurant.  And these mermaid magnets could also keep her entertained for hours out on the town.

Enjoy making sweet memories this holiday season!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate marketer and will be paid commission by Amazon if you purchase a product from my links. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link and by doing so you make it possible in the future to offer you free products and discounts. I have not used every product recommended but have used most of them, and have read all of the reviews. Thank you in advance for your support!











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