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My sweater picks this season. Stay warm and cozy!


Tis the season to get cozy by the fire or get warm in fuzzy sweaters!  I have been wrapping myself in all kinds of blankets at my house because I frankly am just unprepared for real weather.  But I saw frost on the lawn yesterday and I can feel the chill in the air when I walk my child to school, so it’s due time to stock-up on the goods.  Here are some sweaters that are standing out to me.

I could live in this cardigan coat

This one is just looks sharp, shawl collar sweater

A loose fit knitted sweater with pockets, yum

This Cardigan Coat, in pink!  Great price.

I’m in love with this little toddler cable knit sweater

Slight tangent, but I just couldn’t help myself with this toddler ruffle sweater dress

Now this is just beautiful for my husband, cable knit chunky sweater

This one’s got style for men, baggy pull-over

Handsome shawl collar sweater for men

A duster cardigan in a fabulous green for women

Ballerina wrap sweater for little girls, these are great not just for ballet.

Women’s ballerina sweater in pink, now this is something I could live in.  I love ballet style so much!!!

Those are my sweater picks for this season!  Stay warm and cozy!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate marketer and will be paid commission by Amazon if you purchase a product from my links. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link and by doing so you make it possible in the future to offer you free products and discounts. I have not used every product recommended but have used most of them, and have read all of the reviews. Thank you in advance for your support!





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