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Lovelies and Fancies – what I’m loving right now!


This Donna Hay Cookbook is so inspiring and we cook the banana bread recipe every other week about.  Today, I tried a lemon Cake that was sort of like eating some kinda custard meets creme brulee.  I like the simplicity and yet it is still impressive food and something a foodie would surely turn a head for.  I might even be tempted to make candy of all things this week.  And some kinda amazing ice cream with pistachio, now you’re speaking my language, Donna!


I love lemon zest and letting my little Willow Bear squeeze the lemons with this fabulous Lemon juicer tool!



And these finger-less gloves, I walk or push my daughter’s stroller to school and these are a life saver.  I sometimes want to cover my whole body up because it’s so cold but I love having my fingers free to actually do things.  These finger-less gloves are super cute in pink.

This white fur blanket is saving my life right now.  We are using our heater sparingly so that we don’t get blasted with a huge bill.  Our house is already a lot bigger since we moved so the bills have changed.  I did read that you can be texted updates as your bill increases so that you don’t suddenly freak.  I want to sign up for that.  Anyways, there’s nothing like a luscious fur blanket and it attracts my cat for a five minutes a night to cuddle.  I might even wear it just to tempt her to sit with me.  I know it’s the fur she is after but I still feel loved.


I’m loving my Henchels knives.  Like loving them.  My brother bought me some before we got our wedding block set and I have been hooked ever since.  My brother is a retired chef so he definitely knows a good knife.  This one rocks really easily.


I’m loving my daughter’s enthusiasm for holiday crafts and I am reminded everyday how blessed I truly am to have her.


My “secret” ingredient.  It truly is.  I splash just enough to add a sort of nutty semi-salty flavor to my food.  I use a splash of it every time I roast veggies or do country potatoes or really in everything.  If you use it sparingly and don’t make it taste like stir fry.

And then there’s the classic Moosewood Cookbook which I happen to live by.  The pizza dough recipe in the calzone section is something we are making every week!  I’ve made those lovely ricotta and parmesan calzones before and just love them.  This has everything from flat breads, to sauces, to yummy cakes.  This is my favorite cookbook by far and a good everyday simple yet delicious option.


I’m in love with my fancy tinsel garlands in gold and iridescent gold all wrapped around my tree to infinity!  It sparkles and brightens my tree.


And my “Little Women” Book sitting on my dresser as a prop really, but whenever i want to rejoin the land of the adults and actually sit down and enjoy a good book, I pull this lovely classic out and indulge.  Someday, I will make it through it!  I love the cover, it’s so pretty.  I want to read classics only right now so since it takes me like a year to read one, I will have a lovely little prop for awhile to look at.  Eye candy.

How is your Christmas shopping going?  Share with me what you’re loving right now! I wish you could read this with the Christmas music I’m listening to right now.  It makes me want to run outside and make snow angels and fix my hair in rollers.  I love how oldies can make things seem so much lovelier!



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