Gifts, Wishes, and Dreams

“Never stop making wishes”



GIFT:  Estrella Mary Jane, oh… how my heart just sang.  This flat sings “Wonder!”

WISH:  I wish that my daughter wasn’t sick.  She has this lazy eye right now, constant runny nose and a fever.  Poor baby.

DREAM:  I want to buy a house some day but not one that costs $800,000.  I also really want a pygmy goat.

GIFT:  This pouf, we had one in orange for Willow’s nursery and we lived on it.  We played games on the floor with it, rested our feet, it was a necessary item to have around.  A neutral or soft color would be nice this time.

WISH:  That we could go back to Disneyland right now, take Willow to the teacup ride and ride it five times.


DREAMTo work from home one day.  I’ve always wanted to have a small handmade business.  I don’t think I’ll ever give up on the idea.

GIFTInstax Mini 8, cause it’s fun to take instant pics!  And a selfie stick.  Next time we go to Disneyland, I’m so bringing one of these.

WISH:  I wish I knew how to garden so I could reduce my grocery budget. 

DREAM:  I want to buy a tiny house to learn to reduce my carbon footprint. 

GIFT:  The Ninja.  So powerful.

WISH:  That the weather would correspond with the appropriate season that we are in.

DREAM:  That I will be able to save every penny I need to send my daughter all the way through college.  Pipe dream, I know.

Now you tell me your GIFT, WISH, and DREAM

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