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Mommy-and-Me Photo Shoot on a Budget


Mommy-and-Me Photo Shoot on a Budget


  1. Find a local photographer offering a special for a holiday.  We found ours for $40, offering us a tremendous break in her normal pricing to get a lovely 45 min. shoot at a gorgeous bluff side destination.  Make sure you can get the downloads for free as well.  We found this offer on our Face Book local page: Santa Barbara Swap.
  2. Use something you already have in your wardrobe.  This cuts the cost down immensely.  We did a semi matchy-matchy thing!  Neutrals always look fabulous with good photography.  I regret not picking something that makes me look stunning so I advise you to make sure you love how you look in the garment (or you will be looking at the pictures your whole life wishing you had worn something more flattering).  I wish I had worn pale pink instead of cream, a little less washed out that way.  But at the end of the day, it’s just for fun and we don’t really want to be vain, so just be happy.
  3. Spice it up with a homemade flower crown.  Make them for $15 from Trader Joe’s fresh flowers (I’ve heard from local florists that the price of their flowers is like using a wholesale floral vendor without all the contracts!).  Pick a few flowers and greenery, buy some floral wire and you’re in business.  Make the night before and put them in the refrigerator.  Use tough greens that won’t really wilt and roses are fabulous for drying later on for keepsakes and they stay nice for a few days.
  4. Do your own makeup and curl your own hair.  A flower crown helps control your hair so you won’t need much styling and it helps control all the wind blown hair looks too when out on a bluff location.

That’s it!  Voila, a $40 dollar professional photo shoot for a mother’s day present, wowza…amazing.  Also, $15 dollars for flowers and a fun experience making them with your little one and a keepsake forever.  This is a win-win.





We love 3LuvsPhotography in Carpinteria!!!!!!!!!!!!


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