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DIY Wooden Doll House Painting

This is a fast and fun way to style out your doll house and create a little art in the process.

Material List:

Wooden oval – Michael’s craft

Paint brushes – small, even a b-day candle to make little dot patterns with paint

Small acrylic paints – gold, pink, white, orange

dandelion stamp – or any stamp that inspires!

How-to Guide:

  1. Take your stamp and paint on a layer of paint keeping it on the pattern only.
  2. Stamp the saturated stamp on the wooden oval firmly.
  3. Let it dry.
  4. Take 4 colors with 4 different brushes and make brush strokes of grass along the whole bottom of the oval.  Start with one color, brush another layer of a different color over it, leaving the other color visible still.  And add the gold color last.
  5.  Take all three colors and dab the dandelions with it in a more dot-like pattern.  Until it looks realistic.  Don’t cover up your colors, make sure they all shine.
  6. Let dry and hot glue to your wall paper if you’re sure you’re happy with it.


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