DIY Valentine’s Heart Necklace

This Valentine’s heart necklace is a perfect accessory to give to your little valentine.  Here’s how to make one!

Material List:

Pkg. of pink pipe cleaners

floral trim

printed ribbon

Hot glue

How-to Guide:

  1. Make a heart shape with one pipe cleaner.  Bend the pipe cleaner in half.  Curl the edges in to make the heart and twist the top three or four times to secure edges together.  Bend downward to make the heart official.  Wrap four or five more pipe cleaners twisting up the heart and around tightly to hold shape.  Bend the edges to secure it to the base shape.  Wrap four or five to make it a strong pendant.  Then wrap floral ribbon on top.
  2. Wrap about 30″ of ribbon around the bottom of the heart.  Hot glue the tip of the ribbon to the bottom wrap to the first arch and glue a little ribbon to pipe cleaner.  Wrap entire heart and glue end to it.
  3. Cut 15″ or so of ribbon for each side of the heart.  Tie a knot and glue the knot a little.  Tie a knot at the very end.  Make sure it’s not too long and good enough for tying a bow.  Do this to the other side.  Tie a bow where it would be on the neckline and you have a valentine’s necklace that could be fabulous as your actual valentine in an envelope perhaps.  Create with love!


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