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DIY Doll House Wall Hanging


The land of miniatures has me utterly transfixed lately.  I could literally make something everyday for it if I had time.  Here is a new interest of mine: wall hangings.  I plan to show many versions of this soon with different yarns and materials.  I think it is great with mixed textures.

This was a real fun one for my daughter since we did all the small driftwood collecting together, on one of our beach outings.  I loved searching in the sand and piles of washed-up driftwood for pretty pieces with a nice S curve or something special about them.  Willow found many that I am currently using.  Collecting is one of the most rewarding parts of starting a DIY project, it makes it your very own.

Material List:

Driftwood – small piece with character

3-4 different yarn colors and thicknesses

Two golden paper flowers

Hot glue

Step-by-step guide:

  1. I recommend doubling a long piece like 36″ of yarn and then folding that in half.
  2. You’ll now have 4 long pieces.  Wrap it around the driftwood like in the photos and slip it through the loop you make.  The pull real tight.
  3. Cut the bottom threads so they all are the same length after looping around the wood and pulling tight.
  4. Braid it, which can be done sideways in your toes or between your knees to make it tight enough.  Tie one big knot.
  5. Continue this with either just hanging loose yarns or braided pieces and pull them together real close as you work.
  6. Tie a piece of yarn on each end of the wood to hang it and double knot each side.
  7. Glue with a hot glue gun the final touches, i.e. gold flowers, etc.  Get creative.  Lots of things would look great festooned on this branch wall hanging!


Enjoy collecting driftwood!  Also, this concept could easily be made life-size for your bedroom wall or nursery with just basic braiding and knotting techniques.  It looks like a macrame wall hanging.


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